Arya Niwas is fortunate to support the vibrant
folk art of Rajasthan.

  • Rajasthan has a fascinating and extremely rich tradition of folk art, music, handicrafts
  • All our décor is inspired from our folk traditions.
  • We use material only from local manufacturers
  • We support folk music

Krishna Niwas center for Folk Arts

A lovely bungalow from 1960s, Krishna Niwas is centrally located in C Scheme area. Krishna Niwas is our attempt at developing a hub for folk music in Jaipur. Rajasthan is lucky to have an amazing diversity of folk traditions. Jaipur Virasat Foundation is an old and much respected name in the field of preserving and promoting folk arts of Rajasthan.

Arya Niwas hospitality gave this bungalow at nominal charges to Jaipur Virasat Foundation or JVF as it is popularly called, in a partnership for developing a vibrant space with a unique museum dedicated to Folk Music, recording studio, performance spaces and rooms for artists and scholars to stay!

You are welcome to visit the centre.

With time the centre started welcoming other extremely important agencies of change active in the field of folk-art traditions. Today it hosts events from many culturally vital organisations working in Rajasthan like Kabir Yatra from Bikaner. Recently, we are excited to also have the Jaipur office for perhaps one of the most important organization that has started working in Rajasthan – Banglanatak!