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Welcome to Rajasthan, our home state. A colourful melange of exotic sights, sound and experiences; this desert state promises you a holiday that you will cherish with its colourful mix of culture, people, natural wonders and history.

To help you enjoy your holiday here, we offer the services of Tours2Rajasthan. We have been providing travel solutions to Indian and foreign guests alike, for the past 25 years. With our long experience in the hotel and travel trade, we can help you enjoy your holidays here.

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Experiences by Jaipur Diaries

Jaipur is a fascinating city. It is bustling, sprawling, crazily busy and extremely interesting. A town built about 300 years ago by a medieval Hindu King known for his wide-ranging interests and statesmanship, Jaipur is home to many arts and handicrafts.

Jaipur Diaries is our attempt to let guests to discover our beautiful, intriguing, fascinating city.

From crafts to wildlife, adventure to local cuisine, arts and handicrafts to social enterprise, we have a host of exciting, intriguing, educative and great fun options to choose from!