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top hotel in jaipurThirty Five years ago, a retired engineer tried to make a dream of his come true. Fond of traveling, he wanted to open a hotel in his adopted hometown, Jaipur. A hotel that was clean, safe and pleasant; yet affordable for a middle class person like himself. He owned a rundown haveli/mansion that had once belonged to a feudal lord of the old Jaipur State. On his request, his engineer sons left their jobs and joined him in converting the haveli into a hotel, while the ladies of the house took charge of the kitchen. Everything was envisioned and designed by the father and sons themselves, to the extent that even a architect was not involved in the design of the hotel as the patriarch could not find any that would put his dreams to paper.

And so, with the whole family engaged in its operations, Arya Niwas opened its doors for guests with 20 rooms in 1983. As no family member was a 'hotel management' graduate or had any exposure to regular hotels and their operations; they did what they thought was right and fair.

Some ideals that were laid down at its inception, and have came to define Arya Niwas are :

  • High standards of cleanlines, hygiene and maintenance.
  • Well lit and well ventilated, aesthetically pleasing rooms.
  • Plenty of open spaces, gardens and lawns.
  • Sincere and transparent pricing policy.
  • Fair and fixed prices, great value for money.
  • No commission to auto/rickshaw wallahs.
  • Vegetarian, self service restaurant with an open kitchen serving home like food.
  • Visual on display menu, fresh preparations made every day.
  • No bar or service of alcoholic drinks.
  • Limited room service.
  • No Tipping policy.

Most of these policies were quite new at that point of time and sometimes, like in the case of open kitchen, no tips, or no commission to rickshaw/auto wallahs, against the accepted way of running a hotel.

In spite of all forebodings of failure, the hotel was a runaway success. It grew from strength to strength and was awarded many awards and recognitions for quality services in its category.

35 years hence, the hotel has grown from 20 to 128 rooms, and has three more sister concerns, Tara Niwas, Jai Niwas and Om Niwas- which is the first all suite serviced apartment-hotel in Rajasthan. The latest venture Tours 2 Rajasthan is a travel agency that promises quality and innovative tours all over Rajasthan and North India.

The guiding light and founding father of the dream has passed away, but his vision lives on as the third generation takes over the operations. The essential ideals, decided at the time of inception are still held sacred, and adhered to. All our services are still family managed and offer good value for money, but as times change, we have tried to adopt, adapt and improve on the services, introducing features like:

  • Eco-logically sensible operations and practices.
  • Rainwater harvesting.
  • Wi-Fi enabled buildings.
  • No use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Business centre for our guests.
  • Solar water heating.

We invite you to be our guests, when in Jaipur.
We invite you to see our beautiful city, and country through us.

All that we have learnt in travel and hospitality is through our guests.
We invite you as our teachers, and guides as we look towards many future years of serving our guests.