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Jaipur Sightseeing

Jaipur is a special city. It has beautiful heritage monuments, as well as a vibrant and colorful people, rich culture, tasty cuisine and an easy connect between the old and new, traditional and modern.

Discover its charms with us on city tours like:


Jaipur City Tours


See the sights of the Pink City of India with our unique tours.


  • The City Palace Tour: The City Palace of Jaipur, along with the Palace of Winds, and a celestial Observatory made 300 years ago that still works. (4 Hour tour)
  • The Bazaars of Jaipur: Jaipur is very rich in handicrafts. Many streets of the old town are hubs of a specific art like lac bangle, marble statue, copper utensils and such like. Walk through these living museums.
  • Jaipur City Walks: Unique walks to see the beauty of the narrow lanes of old Jaipur. (3 Hour walk)


PACKAGE Approx.Duration By AC INDIGO By AC INNOVA AC Tempo Traveller
A) KhatuShyan Ji & SalasarJi 8 hrs Rs.4500 Rs.5700 Rs.7500
B)Ajmer Dargah & Pushkar 8 hrs Rs.3850 Rs.4850 Rs.6500
C) Karauli ke Gopinath Ji / Kela devi 8 hrs Rs.4250 Rs.5450 Rs.7500
D) Mahavir Jain Temple 8 hrs Rs.3600 Rs.4600 Rs.6500
E) Govind Dev Ji ,Radha Damodar Ji, Gopi Nath ji (Karauli) 8 hrs Rs.4250 Rs.5450 Rs.8000

* Add on facilities:- AC room for two for fresh n up and Breakfast at Rs.1000/-Only.

* Inclusive of Pick / drop to Railway Station & Bus stand.



The Forts of Jaipur


Three forts stand guard over the city of Jaipur; Amber, Jaigarh and Nahargarh. Relive their histories.


  • Amber Fort: Travel to one of the most imposing forts of India. Our taxi takes you to the base from where you can either walk up or take a lift from... an elephant! You can also take the taxi up to the fort at a small extra fee. (4 Hour trip)
  • The Elephant Ride experience at Amber. We can help arrange an elephant ride and/or an experienced guide at Amber.
  • Soul of Amber Town: Amber is not just a fort, it is a much older town than Jaipur and was the old capital of this region. See its bylanes, a beautiful temple, a step well and a great textile museum with a knowledgeable guide. (5-6 Hour Trip including a 3 Hour Walk)
  • Jaigarh Fort: A battle fort with cannon foundary, an interesting museum, intricate water harvesting system and possibly the largest cannon in the world... the Jaiwan!
  • Nahargarh Fort: Nahargarh or the tiger fort overlooks the city of Jaipur with fantastic views, a beautiful palace complex and a uniquely designed stepwell.
  • The Trek to Kuntalgarh: A three hour trek through forests that starts at Amber and takes you to a forgotten fort!! (5 Hour Trip including a 3 Hour Walk)


The Complete Jaipur Experience:


  • This tour covers all the major places of tourist interest like: City Palace, WInd Palace, Observatory, Views of Jal Mahal (Water Palace), Amber Fort, Jaigarh and Nahargarh. (8 Hour tour)


Heritage Walking Tours


  • Unique walks to discover the hidden charms of Jaipur and Amber. (3 Hour Walks)


Culinary Tours


  • Experience the delights of our food, know the special ingredients of desert food and take cooking classes.


Tours That Show Jaipur In A Different Light


  • Sunrise at Galta: See the sun rise over Jaipur from an ancient temple complex. (4 Hour Trip)
  • Morning Tours of Gaitore and Garh Ganesh: A twenty minute climb over steps to one of the oldest temples in Jaipur. We return to visit the cenotaphs of Jaipur kings at Gaitore. (3 Hour Trip)
  • Sunset over Jaipur: See the sun go down over the city from an abandoned fort, and then a royal light and sound show at Amber Fort. (5 Hour Trip including a 1 Hour show)
  • A Rustic Evening: Visit the beautiful all marble Birla Temple and then carry onto Chokhi Dhani the famous village theme based resort with rustic food and entertainment. (5 Hour Trip)
  • Evening outs: Jaipur has some great night hangouts. Ask the reception for directions and a taxi. Have a great and safe evening.
  • Children Delights: Albert hall museum, City Zoo and dolls museum - half day tour. (5 Hour Trip)
  • Similar insightful tours for all towns of Rajasthan can be offered. We aim to give you an experience of our towns that is not just 'skin deep'.